I love sending emails from my Protonmail account (jbaty@pm.
I never did find my TWSBI 580 after the move, so today I replaced it with the Aluminum version in Nickel Gray.
I’ve decided that two pages are the right number of “Morning Pages” for me.
📚 Glut: Mastering Information through the Ages
📷 You have to love grain if you want to get along with T-Max P3200.
Tinderbox 8 is available and is another solid update.
🔗 Self-driving cars will be considered unthinkable 50 years from now
🌀 A few favorite objects
I was just able to log into Flickr with my normal email address.
📷 Jessica had dinner with me last night.
🔗 These photos aren’t for you - Missy Mwac
I’ve spent the last week or so trying to quit Emacs again and it won’t stick…again.
Luminar Flex just showed up in SetApp.
Should I keep a separate blog for microblog posts?
I can’t think of anything less productive than configuring Lotus Agenda, but it’s fun!
It looks like the next iteration of nvAlt (or something like it) may actually be happening.
Creative and productive people: “I have something to say, what are the best tools to help me say it?
🌀 Tinderbox meal log badges
🌀 Essays of E.B. White


🌀 FiiO M9 Portable High-Resolution Audio Player
🌀 What not to photograph
🌀 Installing Windows 10, just for “fun”
🌀 What if I don’t build a darkroom?
The Lesson from Costco’s Photo Lab - Missy Mwac
🌀 Text File Fatigue
🌀 Stuck with Lightroom Classic
I’m coming to the conclusion that trying to use both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC is a bad idea and a recipe for disaster.
🌀 Leica announces the Q2
📷 Gail at the restaurant
I have no doubt I’ll upgrade to Photo Mechanic v6 on March 25th.
🌀 Dynamic and Startling Interactive Media (circa 1996)
🌀 I’m running a instance
Neat, my Delicious Library was just sitting in a GCP bucket.
📷 I get bored…
📷 Jess and I had fun that day
📷Selfie with eggs (2013.
I now have Isso comments running on my server and have (I think) successfully integrated it on baty.
🌀 I’m happy with my online stuff right now
I still don’t like managing and editing photos in Lightroom CC.
The way Emacs handles window placement and behavior is a complete mystery to me.


I’m enjoying the nord-theme for Emacs.
I often think about learning some new programming language.
📷 Trees in Snow
📷 Tires
Spent 4 hours trying to get the Pakon scanner working.
I’m sure some will not approve, but…
A significant percentage of photos shot on film (including mine) look like someone was just trying to finish the roll.
🌀 Sending an Emacs buffer to Day One
🔗 Nibs, Ink and Paper - Om Malik
I don’t watch the Oscars but I am watching Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech for like the 12th time and I still tear up every time.
I miss the days when I could scroll down a simple web page and not have shit start flying all over the place.
The problem with Markdown is that it’s not Org mode.
🔗 Seeking the productive life - Stephen Wolfram
🔗 The Communal Mind, Patricia Lockwood
But for the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel like a human again nyt
Today I used BBEdit, Things, and Safari for getting stuff done and it was very pleasant.
Oh FFS I just used BBEdit for a thing that I always use BBEdit for and now VS Code feels janky as hell in comparison.
Opened Safari to debug a website issue and was immediately struck by how much I like Safari.
To me, “distraction free” means “missing a bunch of features I’m going to want once the novelty of distraction-free wears off”
🔗 A rejected tablet accessory
🔗 Why’dya do it, Steve?
🌀 Logging books in TiddlyWiki
🔗 Do We Write Differently on a Screen?
I spent an hour last night figuring out how to best use vscode-journal for journaling and then renamed/converted 3 years of org-journal files.
📚 Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4)
📚 Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries #3)
Since it can’t be a darkroom yet, I made enough room to turn it into a dedicated scanning station.
Qobuz is finally available in the US.
…I started to realize all the ways that wikis are like Rush…
After a week using Gus Mueller’s Retrobatch I’ve purchased a license.
🌀 Post icons
📚 Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff
The Machine Stops - Oliver Sacks, The New Yorker
📚 Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport
Introducing MAYA: the incredible modern digital darkroom timer
Possible revival for the failing TETENAL company
I’m going to spend time today seeing what VS Code has to offer.
I’ve been solving the same problems repeatedly for years.
Blackwing Natural pencil
For coding, I was an Emacs user for 30-ish years, but I recently gave up the fight and switched to Visual Studio Code, which actually gives me everything Emacs did and more.
I am SO happy to announce that @Flickr login without Yahoo is rolling out!
People without dirty hands are wrong.
Part of my dad’s garage.
The primary driver of my switch to Lightroom CC was that I could easily edit photos on the iPad and yet so far I’ve edited zero photos on the iPad.
One from the latest roll.
That PM45 viewfinder is butt-ugly but it’s the only way I can focus the thing.
I’ve committed to using Lightroom CC but I still don’t love it.
It’s getting to the point where I’m almost starting to enjoy riding the Peloton.
I added IntenseDebate commenting to baty.
I cover my iMac and MacBook Pro cameras.
Scaling back so I can think
Kahlil Lechelt’s tool is nice for creating Hugo posts from the command line, so I forked it and tweaked it for use with Blot.
Hook links your digital life.
It’s taken weeks of cursing and thrashing about, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where Emacs keybindings feel right and Vim bindings feel awkward.
The Internet at my house is going to be out at least all day today.
Ledger-cli gets a new release (3.
Danny van Kooten, who started Fathom Analytics is going back to PHP from Go.
Power outage as productivity booster
iPad user meets Emacs user
Adding On This Day feature to Blot - Amit Gawande
I may have hosed my RSS feed from Blot.
Testing Retrobatch
Saving time with Emacs, or not.
📚 Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)
Kordumb shares his Blot secrets
I spend hours getting some workflow or app or whatever JUST RIGHT, then stop using it the next day.
Displaying the most recent Journal entry in TiddlyWiki
📚 Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2)
📚 All Systems Red (The Murderbot Diaries #1)
Inserting the current weather into an Emacs buffer


In Baltimore, the future of film culture is an old-school video store
Facebook Versus Apple - Ben Thompson
Billingham Hadley Small Pro Camera Bag
What I’m using Emacs for
c2md - Output HTML clipboard contents to markdown in the terminal
It’s okay to not like things
Why tag film photographs? - Bijan Sabet
Hello (Again) Ello - Om Malik
Things I want - Jamie Todd Rubin
Why you should buy into the emacs platform - Two Wrongs
Displaying a random quote in TiddlyWiki
Phil Nunnally describes his attraction to TiddlyWiki
M.G. Siegler mention
A new way of including the weather in my Org Journal
Intertwingling the TiddlyWiki
Reflexive Shopping - TOP
Mylio as a photo organizer
Living with only Emacs and a browser
Struggling with Lightroom CC
Steve Mays had some fun remixing a recent photo of mine
Said I’d like to know where, you got the Notion



Backlinks in TiddlyWiki
Displaying Webmentions on a blog - Amit Gawande
Running Tiddlywiki on a server
A quick tour of my Tinderbox Daybook
My first ride on the Peloton bike
Why do I try so hard to use an iPad for everything?


Rotary Pay Phones Return, This Time to Foil Drug Deals - NYT
The self-deceit of “Future Proofing”
First impressions of the Kobo Forma eReader
There’s Seldom Any Traffic on the High Road - Farnam Street
Project templates in DEVONthink
Lightroom CC pros and cons
Ejecting a CD stuck in an Apple SuperDrive
Wars of Conflicting Webs - Kicks Condor
Holding Dear: The Value of the Real by Steve Leveen
How about dinner?
Start stopping down
Remind gets an update after 3 years
Blot and/or Hugo and
Getting the iPad to Pro — by Craig Mod


Posting to Blot using Blotpub
Happy 21st Century! - antipope
Things 3 on the latest Mojave beta


The Penna Bluetooth Keyboard
Jonathan Franzen about personal market share
My dad still plays hard
Fixing cross-posted images between Blot and
What, are we in college now?
My favorite video game is “Inside”
Getting Rid of Stuff
The sad state of RSS on the Mac
Trent Reznor on boredom and creativity
Cooking is exhausting
Packing up my vinyl for the move.
How to Beat LinkedIn: The Game:
My Photography Website
Scientology’s $5,000 E-meters are surprisingly well-engineered - boingboing:
Spacemacs configuration changes
“The Magic City. A Portfolio of Original Photographic Views of the Great World’s Fair”. 1894
Greta Van Fleet’s new song sounds great to me.
Peanuts Gang Singing “2112” by: Rush
What a Difference a Generation Makes
Blot Gets It Right for another year


It’s fun to publish blogs using various publishing tools.



Setting up a new Mac
A Drastic Keyboard Change


The Joy of Not Sharing
Coolest Fence Ever
Contact Sheets as Art
Kindle 1st Edition
Culling Apps Because of the iPad
Reconsidering TextExpander
Followers on - Ron Chester
Photo Aug 06, 8 48 38 PM
Dead iMac forces an iPad-only experiment
A terrible case for not reading paper books
People who don’t have a “Productivity System” are more productive
I’ve had all this figured out for years


Josie-in-car-(Olympus Stylus Epic, Tri-X)
Gail and I at The Score
Blogging from Emacs
Self-hosting Blot
Posting to Blot using Ulysses
The flowers are finally blooming in my yard.


It’s just that I love static sites so much
10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee
Kodachrome Magazine, 2017 Issue 1
Likes on social networks should be private
Facebook vs the Open Web
Kelly Graduates
Evergreen: A new feed reader from Brent Simmons


Google’s Proprietary Fork of HTML Is Taking Over the Open Web
Scripting News: May 31, 2017
John Wick: Chapter 2, 2017 - ★★★★
Notifications: A Tragedy Of the Digital Commons — Scott Belsky
When site speed metrics make you do something silly
If you think Schrodinger’s cat is weird, then…
Hate Mowing Your Lawn? Good! Don’t Do It - The Nib
Back to the Apple Watch for a Week — The Brooks Review
Dave Winer on JSON Feed
Kottke’s social media fast
Love you, Mom!
Silicon Valley: A Reality Check - Slate Star Codex
Moom removed from sale
I Don’t Believe in Blockchain - Tim Bray
When introversion collides with the desire to connect
Polaroid Type 108 - Expired August 1977
First time printing with the Focomat IIc
The Lure (2015) - ★★★★★
hello advertising, my old friend - Kottke
The antidotes to populism: stoicism and civil society
About that Ari Marcopoulos Camera Bag | The Machine Planet
Moving on from - or not
G.A.S. Attack Outflanked - Bruce Robbins
After a couple of weeks, I’m finding that I prefer using Micro.
Josie today