A quick tour of my Tinderbox Daybook

December 2, 2018 ☼ tinderboxworkflowsoftware | #

I’ve been keeping a Daybook” using Tinderbox since at least 2008. My Daybook is basically a collection of outlines and notes. Here’s a quick overview.

The main sections are:

At the end of each month I export the Daybook outline for the month as Markdown, which I also then convert to PDF and print. From there it gets punched and put into a 3-ring binder.

Tinderbox Daybook outline

There’s a simple dashboard Map” view showing aggregate metrics.

Tinderbox Daybook Dashboard

Tinderbox lets me add any metadata I want to notes. For example, the Media Log contains the following:

Tinderbox Media Log

Outline titles can show not only the note’s title, but any other metadata as well.

Outline titles showing Media metadata

Outline titles showing Meal metadata

The thing about all this is that with minimal input, I can get all sorts of interesting output and insights. I’ve tried other ways of keeping a Daybook like this but nothing has come close to the utility and flexibility of Tinderbox.