My Mac is awesome, so why worry?

April 26, 2019 ☼ apple | #

Nearly everything about my Mac experience is wonderful. macOS is, in my experience, far superior to the alternatives for my needs. My new iMac is big, beautiful, and a joy to both look at and use.

My 2016 MacBook Pro is solid, svelte, gorgeous, and tight. I’ve never used a nicer trackpad. The screen is bright, crisp, and clear.

In fact, the only real complaints I have are with a few things I don’t love about the MBP.

So basically, other than the MBP keyboard, the overall experience is fantastic.

Why then do I hedge my bets with Apple?

I shy away from going all-in with macOS-only apps because WHAT IF?!. I use Firefox instead of Safari because it’s synced across platforms. I edit plain text files stored in Dropbox using Emacs. I read reviews of Dell XPS 13 and ThinkPad Carbon notebooks because the hardware (aka keyboard) is so nice. I dual-boot Windows and Linux on an old ThinkPad as a way to practice, just in case something happens.

What else concerns me?

These concerns add up, and point in a direction that worries me.

None of these things will matter to the majority of Mac users. They matter to me, though, so I worry a little.