March 27, 2020

I’m not ignoring the pandemic, I’m just not writing about it

People have been criticised for writing about trivial things during the Coronavirus pandemic. By trivial” they usually mean anything not related to the current situation. 

It’s true that the things I normally focus on aren’t important right now. I have found myself not posting about them because I didn’t want to seem uncaring or oblivious to current conditions. I am neither uncaring nor oblivious. I simply feel that I have nothing useful to add to the conversation. The Coronavirus topic continues to be covered thoroughly by others. If I have something personal to add, I will. Otherwise, I plan to continue writing as usual.

I am finding it nearly impossible to think about anything other than our immediate global crisis. Even so, it is therapeutic to distract myself by writing about other, more mundane topics.

My blog has perhaps earned its name.

Stay safe.


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