What I’m using Emacs for

January 30, 2019 ☼ emacs | #

My use of Emacs varies with my mood, but this is how I’m using it today.

I’m using Emacs for…

I’m no longer using Emacs for…

I’m no longer using it for email or task management. This is weird, because managing my TODOs using OrgMode is why I started using Emacs in the first place.

Using Mu4e for email is fun and neat, but it’s also quite fussy. It requires syncing with mbsync and running mu regularly, which means I have to wait 30 seconds before I can see my email. It’s also tricky viewing more than one message at a time, which I do frequently. Most emails benefit from seeing the HTML version, so I’m always hitting a V to see messages in my browser. I’m not sure this is all worth it.